TransWest offers financing and leasing to large and small companies nationwide. We can assist with new and used vehicles.

We offer the following:
  • AAA Credit, you deserve the very best rates and terms. TransWest has very competitive rates and flexible terms. TransWest will work for you with one thing in mind, "save you time and money".
  • Special programs for the news in Business and C Style credits. Many of our long term customers started their businesses with TransWest.
  • Application Only programs - $250,000.00
  • Full financial discount lines from $250,000.00 — $10 Million
  • Discount credit lines available. Low fixed and variable rates available.
Funding Options:
  • Open End TRAC Lease
  • Finance lease to $1.00
  • Loans (EFA Contracts)
  • Municipal Leasing
  • Closed End Leases
Why A Lease?
  • Sales tax charged monthly on payments — can reduce early payoff calculations.
  • Off balance sheet reporting — no need to depreciate the asset.
  • Lessor / Lessee relationship.
  • Expense payment monthly.
  • Low residual payoffs at the end of the lease.
  • No mileage and wear and tear clauses.
  • No money down — 100% financing.
  • Often bill first payment in 30 days.
Why A Loan?
  • Possible first year advanced depreciation.
  • Company owned and registered in company name.
  • Sales tax is capped into the loan.
  • No money down — 100% financing.

TransWest Fleet works with many dealers throughout the United States. We have access to large inventories of used and new vehicles. Call to request a list of current vehicles.